Pistol Grip Conversions

Pistol Grip ConversionsThere are basically two options for P.G. Conversions, which are listed below. These prices are based on using a factory replacement Pistol Grip Stock  (If a Marlin). If you plan on using a custom or other than factory Pistol Grip Stock, I will need the stock to insure proper fit. All Rossi’s and Winchesters will require a custom stock, which I can supply or if you have a P.G. replacement that fits your Rossi or Winchester, you are welcome to send it and I can use it.


Mule Man Pistol Grip ConversionsPlease keep in mind there are several different options to these conversions. My goal is to provide you the very best conversion with a factory look and finish. I am also a gun owner myself and I realize that sometimes, these conversions are the result of finding a great looking stock set or good deal on some used parts. I am more than  willing to use a stock set or other parts that you may have and save you the cost of all new parts. I will give you a tip on how to save yourself some money on this conversion. I cannot judge what is acceptable to you in a stock to forearm match, therefore, my only option is to provide a complete matching stock set. You can save yourself that cost, if you are willing to put in the time and effort to find a replacement stock that matches your forearm to your satisfaction and I will gladly use your replacement stock. Please contact me and we can discuss using the parts you wish to provide.

Option #1 : Send your strait grip lever and lower tang and I will fabricate the parts you need using your original parts.

$95.00  ; fabricate custom P.G. lever from your S.G. lever. (in any of my standard shapes)
$130.00; fabricate custom P.G. lower tang from your S.G. lower tang.
$35.00  ; metal prep and bluing all parts
$15.00  ; fully insured return shipping.
$275.00 total cost

Note: Option #1 is not available for all lever action guns. I use my receivers to fit and fabricate the parts for your gun. I unfortunately do not have receivers for all models.  We can still do the conversion, but we will need to use option #2. Please contact me to discuss this.

Option #2 : Send entire gun and I will modify your Strait Grip lever and lower tang. This option is a little more expensive, due to additional shipping cost. However, it does insure an exact fit and it is sometimes necessary if we are doing a Custom or out of the ordinary conversion or we are doing a conversion on a model I do not have a receiver to fit your parts to. Below is some of the additional cost involved in Option #2.

$35.00 ; dis-assembly

$65.00 ; assembly (which includes cleaning and lubrication of all receiver parts).

Shipping cost may vary due to weight and insured amount, but will usually be between $45.00 to $65.00.

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