Our Work And Inventory

Custom Marlin 45-70

104_6980Full length mag. Tube, leather stock cover w/ recoil pad, barrel contoured sight blank, contoured stocks, lo-pro peep sights, refinish stocks, blue all metal parts, polished bolt and loading gate, custom polished “Cowboy” lever, leather lever wrap, complete action job.

Marlin 1894, 25-20

104_6981Here is a good example of a restored older rifle. A few repairs were made to the stocks and they were refinished. The metal parts were not re-blued, but cleaned and polished to retain as much of the original finish as possible. This is a very usable rifle, while retaining as much of the character and history of this firearm as possible.

 Rossi 243 win.

104_6983This rifle was built on a budget for a young, first time deer hunter. We installed an adjustable stock, removed the factory sights and installed fillers, installed a 3 x 9 illuminated reticle scope and a bi-pod. The bi-pod adjusts from 13” to 23”. This rifle allows a young person to shoot from a sitting or kneeling position and maintain a very solid shooting position with the extendable bi-pod.  The adjustable stock along with the very capable .243 caliber will allow a young person to use this rifle well into their teens.

Custom 300 Blackout

104_6986I consider myself mostly a traditionalist when it comes to my personal firearms. I do, however, appreciate what the AR platform has provided us with. The look of the AR platform may not be traditional, but the utility and versatility of these rifles cannot be discounted. These are proven semi-automatic actions, similar to many other popular hunting rifles.

Here we have a Custom built AR-15 in a very capable .30 caliber chambering. The 300 Blackout cartridge uses the same magazines as your 5.56, but delivers a much heavier projectile down range. If you are a deer or hog hunter, this is a cartridge and platform well worth considering.

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