Mule Man Leather Works

Mule Man Leather Works

Muleman Leather Works opens for business!

Muleman Leather WorksMountain view now has a full time leather shop ready to serve new customers. Jamie and Diane Crawford started Mule Man Gunworks quite a few years back, as a part time business. Muleman Leather Works began, as a supporting role for this business. We found our customers were increasingly asking for leather and canvas accessories they were unable to find made to their specifications. The request were very similar, they wanted products that were made to actually be used in their outdoor activities. For this they needed products that were built rugged and functional at a reasonable price. The amount of work continued to increase to the point we could no longer meet the demand. This is when we made the decision to hire someone to help out with the leather work. We feel very fortunate to have been able to hire local talent for this position. Erika Johnson has spent the last year refining the products we offer to our firearms customers, while helping to build a working inventory and expand the products into other areas as well. Erika has allowed us to not only continue to serve our existing customers, but to also serve new local customers.

Leather WOrksMuleman is not just a catchy name we made up. We have owned and enjoyed both mules and horses for most of our lives. This lead early on to an interest in saddles and tack, because of the lack of availability in equipment that would properly fit our mules. My first mule saddle was a horse saddle that I had to rebuild the tree to fit my mule. We have spent a great deal of time studying different tree designs, as to fit. Prior to joining us Ericka’s career focused on horse care and training, which really adds to the information we can offer to our customers, as to proper saddle and tack fit. We currently use the Dennis Lane Equine back measuring system to insure all of our saddle work is done in such a way that it will actually fit your horse or mule.


Leather “Muleman” Logo patch, as on BeaniesErika has put her creative side to work as well, and has come up with some very nice new gift ideas. From custom leather phone holders, to rustic home décor, such as decorative horse shoe coaster sets, to working cowboy chaps and chinks. We strive to provide a quality leather product that looks nice, but just as importantly will remain functional for many years to come. We also maintain an inventory of used tack available, and welcome request for custom work, if you have something out of the ordinary in mind. Whether you are looking for a gift for someone special, or saddle and tack repair or cleaning, give us a call at 870-269-9682 or visit us on the web at and there you can visit the Muleman Leather Works page to view a sample of some of the things we can do for you.


Muleman Leather Works

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