“Mule Loops” Custom Levers

Specializing in providing a limited number of handmade enlarged loop levers made to order, just for you and your gun. We can do custom shaped loops for all Marlin, Puma/Rossi and Winchester models.

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What are “Muleloops”??

MuleloopWhat are “Muleloops”?? These are standard loops, which I cut, add an appropriate amount of material, weld and reshape in order to make a Custom sized loop, which will give you the look you want and the ability to easily manipulate the lever wearing those heavy winter gloves you need. These levers are hand finished to insure your lever is a one of a kind Custom lever. All of our Custom levers are properly annealed, after the welding process to give you a loop that is as strong or stronger than the original. Please see the complete list of bluing, polishing and additional options below.

Choosing a Loop??

“Muleloops” come in a number of “Standard Shapes” (“Hunter” line of loops) or can also be made in almost any Custom shape you can think up. There are several ways to get one, so here we go.

#1 Send us your lever and I can enlarge it (choosing from any of my standard shapes). This insures an exact fit and requires no additional fitting, since it is the original lever for your gun.

#2 For an extra $10.00 you can send us your lever, with a sketch of the “Custom shape” you would like it to be and I can make your loop any shape you want. (Overly complicated, or Large shapes may be an additional charge). Again, because it originally came with your gun, it will work with no additional fitting needed when you get it back.

#3 Tell us what you want and if I have a standard loop to make it from we will make it and you can simply purchase the lever. ( These levers like all replacements may require minor fitting and adjustment to function  properly in your gun, some don’t, but some do).

Cost of “Muleloops’

Choose one of my standard shapes and the cost will be $135.00. This will be a steel or (Stainless if available, at additional cost), no finish on metal. This price does include fully insured return shipping. Overly Large or complicated custom shapes, please contact us as additional charges may apply.

Remember, you can add one of our “Muleman” Logo Beanies to your lever order for only $16.00

Cold bluing, add $10.00

Caustic “Hot” bluing, add $20.00

Leather wrap, add $20.00 ( please specify, light tan, dark brown or black)

Custom shape, add $10.00 ( please remember to send a sketch of  the shape you want)

Stainless Steel lever, add $15.00 ( satin, brushed finish)

Polishing, add $20.00 ( Very flashy for a C.B. action gun, maybe not the best option for a hunting gun)

Important note: $50.00 credit

Here is a big benefit to having a “Muleloop” made, over just buying another big loop lever. That’s right, because I enlarge factory levers, I can use your factory lever to make your Custom lever. Send me your lever to enlarge and you can deduct $50.00 from the total cost of the order.

Example:   Standard Strait Grip Hunter lever $135.00

Caustic “Hot” Bluing                     $20.00

sub-total, incl. Return shipping   $155.00

Credit for sending your lever      – $50.00

Total cost, incl. Return shipping  $105.00

How do I get one??

***IMPORTANT***First and foremost, to insure a timely turnaround, please contact us before sending your payment and lever, in order to schedule a time which will fit your schedule, as well as ours. If you want to order a loop from us and do not intend to send us your loop simply call or better yet send an E-mail explaining exactly which shape loop you want and what brand/model rifle you need it to fit. Please make sure to also specify “Strait Grip” or “Pistol Grip”. If you are ordering a Custom shape lever, be sure to include a sketch of the shape you want it to be. Please include a phone number or E-mail address along with return address. Send payment (preferably Postal Money Order) and your lever along with a note explaining what shape you want to the address below.

Make check or M.O. Payable to; Muleman Gunworks

Muleman Gunworks

P.O. Box 2668

Mountain View, Arkansas 72560

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