“Mule Loops” Custom Levers

Specializing in providing a limited number of handmade enlarged loop levers made to order, just for you and your rifle. We can do custom shaped loops for all Marlin, Puma/Rossi and Winchester models. All levers are hand built and hand finished one at a time for a truly custom look and feel.

What are Muleloops?

“Mule loops” These are standard loops, which I cut, add an appropriate amount of material, weld and reshape in order to make a Custom sized loop, which will give you the look you want and the ability to easily manipulate the lever wearing heavy winter gloves. These levers are hand finished to insure your lever is a one of a kind Custom lever. All of our Custom levers are properly annealed, after the welding process to give you a loop that is strong as, or stronger than the original.

For 2015 we have attempted to simplify the process of ordering your loop lever. Please read through all of the information below, for some information has changed from last year.  However, what has not changed is the fact that when you send your lever in for modification and enlargement, you still get YOUR original lever back. We do not exchange your lever for another, but you get your actual lever back, so it will function in your rifle the same as before the modifications. We do have replacement levers for those wishing to keep their original lever unaltered, or for those simply wanting to purchase a lever. (These levers like all replacements may require minor fitting and adjustment to function properly in your rifle, some don’t, but some do). Please call or email for availability. Please also check at the bottom of the page for additional options and accessories available.

Standard Hunter levers (available in Blue or Stainless Steel)

The loops pictured below are our line of “Hunter” levers. These are our standard shapes available in both pistol grip and strait grip designs. The total price for the levers pictured below, blued, is $120.00 after a $50 discount for using your lever. The total price for the Hunter line of levers in Stainless Steel will be $135.00. This will be a satin brushed finish.  This is the total price including lever enlargement to one of the shapes pictured below, Caustic bluing or Brushed satin finish (S.S.) and fully insured priority return shipping. The additional cost for Leather wraps is $20.00.

Custom Shapes (available in Blue or Stainless Steel)

We also still do Custom shapes. The shapes listed below are just a few examples of what can be done. You can order a Custom shape as listed below or you have the option of providing a sketch, outline or picture of a custom shape you would like. The price for one of the Custom shaped levers as listed below or similar will be $135.00 (blued) or $150.00 (Stainless Steel) after the $50.00 credit for using your lever.  This is the total price including lever enlargement to one of the shapes pictured below or similar, caustic bluing or satin brushed S.S. finish and fully insured priority return shipping. Please note: I cannot anticipate every conceivable Custom shape and overly large or complicated shapes may be an additional charge.

 The Rifleman and John Wayne Loops (available in Blue or Stainless Steel)

The Rifleman loop and the John Wayne loop are also available. These levers present some challenges in their fabrication because of the large size. These large loops, measuring over 4″ inside the loop, take extra material and extra time to insure they are dimensionally correct. Because of their large size these loops also will not fit in the standard size shipping box without risk of damage during shipping, so we double box them in a larger shipping box to help insure you receive your lever without damage from shipping. We all know the automated Post office conveyors are not exactly gentle with the packages they process! The total price for the Rifleman or the John Wayne loops shown below is $150.00 (Blued) or $165.00 (Stainless Steel) after the $50.00 credit for using your lever.

Accessories and Options Available for Custom Levers

We offer a few options and accessories which have proved to be popular additions to a custom lever through the years.  If you have something in mind that is not listed, please just let us know and we may be able to accommodate your request.

Polishing: We can polish the lever before bluing, which will give a very shiny, flashy appearance to the lever. This has proved to be a popular option for our Cowboy Action shooters, as well as for the newer Winchester rifles, as they tend to use a higher polished factory finish than some other brands. This may not be the best option for a hunting rifle? The cost for polishing is $25.00 and both the blued and Stainless Steel levers can be polished for the same price.

Leather Lever Wraps: We can provide a leather lever wrap for your completed lever as well. The additional cost for Leather wraps is $20.00. These wraps provide a bit of cushioning to the tops of your fingers when cycling your rifle and the Cowboy Action folks have found these to be particularly useful. They also add a nice period correct finished look to a rifle. These wraps are available in solid colors or you can mix and match the color of the wrap and the string for a bit more contrast and a two tone appearance. Please specify color choice when sending in your order. (brown, black, tan, dark, light etc.) We also have some actual colors available ( red, blue, etc.), just ask and we can let you know if we have your custom color available at the time of ordering.

How do I get one??

***IMPORTANT PLEASE READ***First and foremost, to insure a timely turnaround, please contact us before sending your payment and lever, in order to schedule a time which will fit your schedule, as well as ours. If you want to order a loop from us and do not intend to send us your loop simply call or better yet send an E-mail explaining exactly which shape loop you want and what brand/model rifle you need it to fit. Please make sure to also specify “Straight Grip” or “Pistol Grip”. If you are ordering a Custom shape lever, be sure to include a sketch of the shape you want it to be. Please include a phone number or E-mail address along with return address. Send payment (preferably Postal Money Order) and your lever along with a note explaining what shape you want to the address below.

Make check or M.O. Payable to:

Muleman Gunworks

Shipping address:

P.O. Box 2668
Mountain View, Arkansas 72560

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