Hand Forged Knifes and Camp Axes

custom “Mule Skinner” kniveAt Muleman Gunworks we enjoy the outdoors as much as you do. This outdoor lifestyle has lead to the development of many of the products offered here. A small pocket knife may be good for some things, but heavy chopping, like cutting kindling for a campfire or  breaking heavy bone is not one of them. Our 12”Bowie knife, (that’s 12” of  blade, not overall length), is made from super tough horse shoeing rasp. The steel alloy in these rasp allow them to rasp away many, many  hard mule hooves, before they need to be sharpened or replaced. That got me to thinking. If I can cut through rock hard hooves on a mule, why couldn’t I use my Blacksmith skills to forge this alloy into a knife blade, which could be used for cutting wood and bone. This is how I developed what has now become my standard camp knife. I call it the “Mule Skinner”. If you want a fancy, shiny knife to show off, then buy  something else, but if you want a real knife that will get the job done and last for years, Then try our “Mule Skinner” and you will not be disappointed. These are forged by hand, so please order early in order to allow your “Mule Skinner” to be handmade.

Any Blacksmith worth his salt will tell you there is something about the ring of a good hammer. One or two good hits on the anvil and you know just what it’s made of. My camp axes are hand forged from American made ball-pen hammers. They have the weight to make a deep cut and the cutting edge is heat treated and hardened to maintain a long wearing edge. We shape a  flat  hammer head on the back side for pounding in those tent spikes or trap stays. Through the years I have tried different weights and handle lengths and have come up with what I believe to be the optimal size. I think you will find this to be one of the handiest tools you can have around camp or on your trap line. These are labor intensive to make and it is getting harder and harder to find good steel hammers to make them from, so we can only offer these in limited numbers. I try to keep some made ahead of time, but I cannot always keep up with the demand, so please order early in order to allow time for your  camp ax to be handmade.

Base Price for “Mule Skinner” is $145.00

Please contact us to discuss your custom knife, with options such as custom wood or leather handles, and custom leather sheaths.


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