General Firearm Repair

  • General repair

While we may specialize in lever action rifles, we still do all types of general gun work and repair, from a simple cleaning to wood repair or metal finishing. We have the machining capability to handle most any repair and make many of those hard to find or obsolete parts  for those older guns as well.

  • Action Jobs

We do action jobs on most pistols, revolvers, shotguns and rifles to get the reliability you need and the smooth feel you want.

  • Laser bore sighting

Flat rate Laser Bore sighting is always just $20.00 on most rifles and pistols. This can save you countless hours and $$$ in ammunition wasted, after mounting that new scope.

  • Custom Firearms

Custom LeverWith our machining capabilities we can build all types of custom gun. Please contact us to discuss your next custom rifle, pistol or revolver.

  • Restoration projects

When it comes to restoring that older gun or heirloom, there are a few things to consider. The first and most important is, Should your gun be restored? Many valuable old original guns are made almost worthless by the wrong type of restoration.  Not every gun should be restored to “Like New’ condition, in some cases this may actually decrease the value. While we have the capability to return almost any old gun into “Like New” condition. This is not always the right option for every situation. Please,before you decide to Re-do that old gun, do some research or bring it in and allow us to help you decide if a restoration project is indeed right for you and your gun.

  • Caustic bluing

We are setup to give you a professional “Hot” bluing finish that will not only give you that factory finish look, but will also offer a durable finish that will help protect against corrosion and rust.

  • Lathe and Machining Services

We operate a full service machine shop to make all those hard to find replacement parts for those old or obsolete guns. We also fabricate Custom parts and accessories. Have you got a Custom part or accessory in mind?? Give us a call, lets talk about it.

  • Welding Services

Tig, Mig, Stick !! Yes, we do it all and have invested in the latest Inverter Technology welding machines to insure that we can provide the very best welding repairs and fabrication.

  • Fabrication

Custom FabricationWe try our best to provide a wide range of parts and accessories, which we have found to be useful both in the field and on the range. I have said it before and I will say it again, we are here to provide the parts and accessories that “You” want, after all, you will be the one to use them. Please let us know if you have a Custom part or accessory you are interested in having made and we will help make your idea, become a reality.

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