• How long will my repair take? This is a question everyone wants to know and for good reason. We all have schedules to keep and need to be able to plan. I will do my best to give a close estimate of the time involved in your specific job. Please keep in mind there are many variables which may be out of our control. Parts availability for one, an otherwise quick repair may take much longer, if the parts needed for the repair are unavailable or have a long wait to receive. Please let me know if there is a specific date you need your gun returned due to a planned hunt or shooting match, so we can plan your project accordingly.
  • If bluing a gun part only takes a few hours, Why do I have to wait a few weeks to have my part blued?  Caustic bluing is a process which, involves a considerable amount of set up time and preparation, before the bluing can begin. Because of this setup time, I can only blue gun parts when there is sufficient parts to justify the setup time. I will be happy to blue your one part, if you are willing to pay for all of the setup time! Otherwise, your part will be blued along with several others and the cost will be divided equally. This saves you money and me a lot of additional setup time.
  • How do I pay for a purchase?  At this time we accept cash, checks and Money Orders only.  All transactions involving personal checks, will be held until the check clears. We are making plans to accept Credit Cards in the near future.
  • I looked at the pictures and I want something a little different, is that available? Absolutely, our goal is to provide what “You Want”, you will be using it after all. There may be an additional charge in some cases for custom work. This is due to the fact that through the years I have developed jigs and patterns which help us to make your parts and accessories efficiently. One off items usually are a little more time consuming due to the additional measurements etc. The only exception to Custom work is, I will not make a modification to a firearm or any of the tools we create, which I deem would make it unsafe.
  • Concerning pistol grip conversions. We can go from Pistol Grip to Strait Grip, equally as well as going from Strait Grip to Pistol Grip. The same pricing applies.

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