Important Info & Disclaimers

Important Information and disclaimers, “you know the Lawyer stuff”. This may not be what anyone wants to talk about…. but it needs to be said.

  •  Payment is due in full at the time the firearm is picked up.
  •  Specialty projects which require a number of outside parts or materials, may require a deposit before work can begin.
  • All firearms I ship, must be sent to your local FFL dealer, with whom you can complete the transfer.
  • Unless prior arrangements are made, payment will be due upon completion of the work. All firearms not picked up within 30 days of notification of completion will become the property of Muleman Gunworks and sold in an effort to recoup our labor and parts cost. Unless prior arrangements are made.
  •   All items fabricated by, worked on by,  or repaired by our shop are intended for legal uses only. This means we cannot fabricate, repair or other wise work on an illegal firearm or illegal parts of firearms. We will not work on illegal firearms. The only exception will be if an otherwise legal firearm is brought to our shop to repair an illegal modification.  All firearms must meet legal federal and state requirements in order to leave our shop. If you have an illegal firearm and wish to keep it that way Do Not Bring it to my Shop”
  •   We will not disable or otherwise make unusable any factory safety, as intended by the manufacturer. The gun is yours to do with what you want, once it leaves our shop, however by law all factory safeties must work properly when a firearm leaves our shop, please do not ask us to do otherwise.
  • All packages I mail out are fully insured. Please be sure to fully insure all packages sent to Muleman Gunworks. I cannot be responsible for what the post Office does, before or after your package is in my possession.

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